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 August  @C4U 352'4s Chart
 September  @C4U 352'4s Chart
 New Crop 2014  @C4Z 362'2s Chart

  Allied Grain
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 New Crop 2014  @S4X 1058'4s Chart

Price as of 08/01/14 05:26PM CDT.
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Sep 14 357'0 358'6 351'4 351'6 -4'4 352'4s 03:59P Chart for @C4U Options for @C4U
Dec 14 366'6 368'2 361'4 361'4 -4'6 362'2s 03:27P Chart for @C4Z Options for @C4Z
Mar 15 379'2 381'0 374'0 374'2 -4'6 374'6s 03:27P Chart for @C5H Options for @C5H
May 15 387'6 388'6 382'2 382'6 -4'4 383'2s 03:05P Chart for @C5K Options for @C5K
Jul 15 395'2 396'2 390'0 390'0 -4'4 390'6s 03:05P Chart for @C5N Options for @C5N
Sep 15 403'6 403'6 397'6 397'6 -4'4 398'0s 03:06P Chart for @C5U Options for @C5U
Dec 15 410'4 411'4 405'2 405'6 -4'6 406'0s 03:46P Chart for @C5Z Options for @C5Z
Mar 16 419'2 419'6 415'2 415'2 -4'4 415'6s 03:56P Chart for @C6H Options for @C6H
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Aug 14 1224'2 1225'6 1210'6 1214'2 -9'4 1215'0s 03:28P Chart for @S4Q Options for @S4Q
Sep 14 1095'0 1098'2 1069'6 1074'0 -26'2 1073'4s 02:30P Chart for @S4U Options for @S4U
Nov 14 1077'2 1079'6 1056'0 1059'4 -23'4 1058'4s 03:56P Chart for @S4X Options for @S4X
Jan 15 1086'6 1087'6 1064'2 1067'6 -23'4 1066'6s 02:51P Chart for @S5F Options for @S5F
Mar 15 1094'0 1094'2 1072'6 1075'6 -22'4 1075'0s 01:30P Chart for @S5H Options for @S5H
May 15 1099'0 1099'0 1080'0 1083'0 -21'6 1082'2s 01:30P Chart for @S5K Options for @S5K
Jul 15 1105'2 1107'2 1087'0 1089'6 -22'0 1088'2s 01:30P Chart for @S5N Options for @S5N
Aug 15 1097'2 1098'0 1085'6 1085'6 -20'0 1085'6s 01:30P Chart for @S5Q Options for @S5Q
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Aug 14 118.400 118.400 117.650 118.050 118.025s 01:12P Chart for LH4Q Options for LH4Q
Oct 14 103.350 103.350 102.675 102.800 - 0.350 102.825s 01:12P Chart for LH4V Options for LH4V
Dec 14 94.400 94.400 94.400 94.400 0.225 94.400s 01:12P Chart for LH4Z Options for LH4Z
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Aug 14 157.100 157.300 155.300 157.300 - 0.625 157.300s 01:12P Chart for LC4Q Options for LC4Q
Oct 14 156.350 156.700 154.500 155.950 - 1.325 156.000s 01:12P Chart for LC4V Options for LC4V
Dec 14 157.000 157.000 155.100 156.350 - 1.675 156.425s 01:12P Chart for LC4Z Options for LC4Z
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DTN/PF Renewable Fuels
Latest DTN/PF Renewable Fuels News
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 8:28AM CDT
News pertaining to the ethanol industry.

Thursday, May 1, 2014 4:14PM CDT

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 11:25AM CDT

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                     7am - 4pm

Office Hours: Monday - Friday
                      7am - 4pm


Morning Calls

CORN: Corn futures opened lower on the bearish conditions report but then spent most of the night slowly trending higher. Corn comes into this morning 1-2 cents higher. The USDA left corn conditions exactly unchanged from a week ago, unusual for this time of year as conditions are typically declining (see RJOMRT charts below). Along with a weather forecast that calls for normal to slightly below normal temperatures and rainfall, this has the trade still very confident that the US corn crop will be a big one. The trade's focus is shifting to the next issues such as, how does the US move and store such a large crop and what kind of demand will there be. Freight rates continue to push higher on both rail and barge.

SOY-COMPLEX: Soybeans also saw a "sell the rumor, buy the fact" trade regarding the crop ratings overnight. They come into this morning 3-13 cents higher. The products are also slightly higher. The USDA bumped the percentage of the US soybean crop that was rated good up by 1%, the percent rated excellent was unchanged at 16%. The result is a crop that is by far and away the best rated crop at this point in recent memory. The trade will watch closely at 8:00 this morning to see if the USDA announces any more sales to China or unknown.

The outside markets are a mixed bag with the cattle, cotton, petroleum products, and stocks trading higher but hogs, sugar, andmetals trading lower. The US dollar is also higher, offering a bearish influence.Today will be a good test to see if these markets can hold even the slightest of profit-taking bounces. The direction of these markets is still unquestionably lower but better performance on bounces could be evidence that the rate of descent is finally slowing.


Local Conditions
Blomkest, MN
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 82oF Feels Like: 83oF
Humid: 45% Dew Pt: 59oF
Barom: 30.08 Wind Dir: NW
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 9 mph
Sunrise: 6:06 Sunset: 8:46
As reported at OLIVIA, MN at 5:00 PM
Local Radar
Blomkest, MN
Local Forecast
Blomkest, MN





High: 82°F
Low: 57°F
Precip: 20%
High: 83°F
Low: 60°F
Precip: 0%
High: 85°F
Low: 62°F
Precip: 42%
High: 82°F
Low: 62°F
Precip: 69%
High: 80°F
Low: 62°F
Precip: 60%
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