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Futures Month Futures Price Basis Cash Price
 July  @C4U 364'0 Chart
 August  @C4U 364'0 Chart
 New Crop 2014  @C4Z 371'6 Chart

  Allied Grain
Futures Month Futures Price Basis Cash Price
 July  @S4Q 1182'4 Chart
 August  @S4Q 1182'4 Chart
 New Crop 2014  @S4X 1072'2 Chart

Price as of 07/22/14 02:19AM CDT.
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Sep 14 363'4 364'0 363'0 364'0 0'0 364'0 02:09A Chart for @C4U Options for @C4U
Dec 14 371'4 372'0 371'0 371'6 -0'2 372'0 02:09A Chart for @C4Z Options for @C4Z
Mar 15 383'4 383'6 382'6 383'6 0'0 383'6 02:09A Chart for @C5H Options for @C5H
May 15 392'2 392'2 391'0 392'0 -0'2 392'2 02:09A Chart for @C5K Options for @C5K
Jul 15 399'6 399'6 398'6 399'4 -0'2 399'6 02:09A Chart for @C5N Options for @C5N
Sep 15 406'4 406'4 406'2 406'2 -0'4 406'6 02:08A Chart for @C5U Options for @C5U
Dec 15 411'2 411'4 411'0 411'2 -0'6 412'0 02:07A Chart for @C5Z Options for @C5Z
Mar 16 425'4 425'4 420'0 421'6 -6'0 421'6s 02:07A Chart for @C6H Options for @C6H
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Aug 14 1175'0 1185'0 1172'6 1182'4 6'6 1175'6 02:09A Chart for @S4Q Options for @S4Q
Sep 14 1089'0 1094'4 1087'6 1092'4 1'0 1091'4 02:09A Chart for @S4U Options for @S4U
Nov 14 1068'4 1073'0 1066'4 1072'2 0'6 1071'4 02:09A Chart for @S4X Options for @S4X
Jan 15 1077'2 1080'6 1075'0 1080'0 0'2 1079'6 02:09A Chart for @S5F Options for @S5F
Mar 15 1085'0 1088'6 1083'6 1087'0 -0'4 1087'4 02:09A Chart for @S5H Options for @S5H
May 15 1093'6 1096'2 1090'4 1094'6 -0'4 1095'2 02:09A Chart for @S5K Options for @S5K
Jul 15 1098'6 1103'2 1098'2 1102'0 -0'2 1102'2 02:09A Chart for @S5N Options for @S5N
Aug 15 1100'4 1106'0 1095'4 1102'0 -13'6 1099'0s 02:09A Chart for @S5Q Options for @S5Q
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Aug 14 126.950 126.950 124.900 125.200 - 1.975 125.100s 07/21 Chart for LH4Q Options for LH4Q
Oct 14 113.300 113.450 112.500 112.750 - 0.850 112.700s 07/21 Chart for LH4V Options for LH4V
Dec 14 103.300 104.200 103.100 103.900 0.300 103.900s 07/21 Chart for LH4Z Options for LH4Z
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Aug 14 151.900 153.000 151.400 152.950 1.325 152.950s 07/21 Chart for LC4Q Options for LC4Q
Oct 14 154.725 155.500 154.000 155.400 0.925 155.250s 07/21 Chart for LC4V Options for LC4V
Dec 14 154.750 155.400 154.200 155.400 0.800 155.350s 07/21 Chart for LC4Z Options for LC4Z
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DTN/PF Renewable Fuels
Latest DTN/PF Renewable Fuels News
Thursday, June 5, 2014 9:32AM CDT
News pertaining to the ethanol industry.

Thursday, May 1, 2014 4:14PM CDT

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 9:39AM CDT

Scale Hours: Monday - Friday 
                     7am - 4pm

Office Hours: Monday - Friday
                      7am - 4pm


Morning Calls

CORN: More follow through selling seen overnight as funds continue to liquidate long positions into commercial pricing. Open interest in corn was up another 8k contracts yesterday indicating fresh shorts into end user buying. Export interest has slowed in the face of falling prices with many Asian buyers staying covered only 60-90 days out instead of more normal 90-180 days coverage (Japan is thought to be just 50% covered for Sept). Interior basis at the processors holding firm for now as farmers wait to see how the rest of July/Aug weather plays out before cleaning up balance of old crop. Weekly EIA report is out this morning with production expected to be up slightly with the strong margins for plants. Weather forecast calls for cool temps and rain next 6-10 days out with 11- 15 day forecast seeing a little heat for far WCB but nothing too much of a threat at this point. Estimates for Friday's S/D carryouts are below. No July corn deliveries and just 5 July oats put out this morning. Dec corn for now still holding $4.00.

WHEAT: Wheat is slightly lower this morning with European values also under pressure. KC wheat deliveries jumped by 89 contracts with ADM putting them out and Cargill stopping them. Chicago deliveries were just 18 contracts with CHS on both sides. No Mpls deliveries this morning. Japan booked 109k tons in their weekly tender with all but 21k from the US. Brazil's govt raised their wheat production estimate slightly from 7.37 mmt to 7.40 mmt (harvest starts next month there).

SOY-COMPLEX: The soy-complex is softer again this morning on follow through selling overnight of old crop liquidation. Oldcrop bean basis is steady to firmer at most plants though more processors are rolling their meal basis to the August and giving up some of the inverse. Weather remain favorable for most of the Midwest.


Local Conditions
Blomkest, MN
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 79oF Feels Like: 85oF
Humid: 89% Dew Pt: 75oF
Barom: 29.81 Wind Dir: SSW
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 3 mph
Sunrise: 5:55 Sunset: 8:57
As reported at OLIVIA, MN at 1:00 AM
Local Radar
Blomkest, MN
Local Forecast
Blomkest, MN





High: 80°F
Low: 68°F
Precip: 20%
High: 80°F
Low: 58°F
Precip: 0%
High: 80°F
Low: 60°F
Precip: 40%
High: 79°F
Low: 62°F
Precip: 57%
High: 81°F
Low: 63°F
Precip: 20%
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